Verdicts & Settlements

For nearly two decades, Troy & Schwartz has been representing individuals and their families in personal injury cases.  Here are a few of our success stories:

Florida Personal Injury Settlements

Three Million Dollar Settlement in Slip and Fall Prenatal Case

A $3,500,000 settlement against a major supermarket chain for a slip and fall incident. A pregnant woman slipped over spillage on the supermarket floor and fell, resulting in the death of her infant.

Settlement Covers All Medical Expenses for Man in Car Crash

Our client was injured when the car he was driving was rear-ended by another vehicle. He was able to use part of the $500,000 we obtained on his behalf to cover all medical costs.

Single Mom and Newborn with Brain Injury Obtain Multi-Million Dollar Recovery

$3,250,000 won against a major hospital, obstetrician, and gynecologist because of their failure to properly care for a patient and her baby while she was pregnant.

Woman Obtains Policy Limit After Car Accident

$300,000 for a young woman injured when another car made an improper turn into her vehicle. The Florida Highway Patrol had cited the other driver for careless driving.

Recovery Issued in Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center Malpractice Suit

$625,000 obtained for the Estate of a 90-year-old male who had to have his right leg amputated above the knee because of serious bed sores that appeared on his right foot while he was staying at a nursing home and rehabilitation center.

Children of 80-year-old Woman File for Nursing Home Negligence

A $300,000 settlement against a nursing home where attendants failed to turn an elderly woman in her bed, causing her to incur sores on her left heel and buttocks.

Ophthalmologist Patient Wins Medical Malpractice Suit

A $400,000 settlement for a crane operator who lost 80% of his right eye’s field of vision after an ophthalmologist failed to test his eyes for pressure, which would have disclosed a threatening glaucoma condition.

Wrongful Death of Autistic Teenager at Care Facility

$500,000 recovered for the family of an autistic teenager who died when a care facility lost track of him and failed to administer his medication.

Homeowner Ruled Liable for Dog Attack

$100,000 settlement against the owner of a dog that attacked a young man, causing him to lose control of his lawnmower and disfigure his foot.

Motel Visitor Wins Resolution Against Big-Time Motel Owner for Slip and Fall Accident

A $225,000 settlement for a marketing executive who needed several operations after falling in a widely advertised motel complex in South Carolina.

Man Beaten Due to Inadequate Security at Shopping Mall

$200,000 settlement for a business executive who was beaten by youths in a shopping mall while a store clerk looked on and did nothing. He sustained brain damage.

Girl Receives Settlement After Dog Attack

$70,000 settlement for a 10-year-old girl whose face was scarred after a dog attack.

Settlement for Cruise Ship Accident

$75,000 settlement for a 90-year-old female who fell while taking a vacation on a cruise ship headed to Acapulco due to negligent maintenance.

Multimillion Settlement in Maritime Accident

$2,400,000 settlement for a dock worker in the Turks and Caicos Islands who lost his leg after being struck by the boom of a large crane operated by a negligent employee.

Not all results are provided. Clients’ individual facts and circumstances may differ.

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