Vendor Contracts

Helping clients throughout the State of Florida, enforce and negotiate contracts and agreements with various vendors and suppliers that are vital to the success of their business

Our business litigation attorneys will represent and defend your company’s interests vigorously. We also represent business owners in breach of contract disputes involving performance and payment for services. We’ll work with you to avoid litigation when possible, and fight to ensure your vendors’ obligations are met when necessary.

We have a particular interest in working with our business clients to help minimize the possibility of litigation by encouraging them to have in place clearly written, unambiguous agreements which spell out the obligations of each party under likely scenarios.  Too often we have come across situations where a business contract was ambiguous and/or failed to include provisions which were consistent with: a) the nature and extent of the business relation being established by the contract; and/or b) the expectations and assumptions of the respective parties to the contract.

If you need help drafting or enforcing vendor/supplier contracts, call us at (305) 279-4740 or contact us online for a FREE consultation. We’re ready to help.

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