Business Law

Providing legal services related to business entity structuring, employment law compliance, vendor/supplier contracts, business purchase or sale, intellectual property as a business asset, and franchising in Miami-Dade County and Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale area), and throughout the State of Florida

Running a successful business requires dealing with a lot of legalities. From entity establishment to employment law compliance, internal agreements to intellectual property, every stage of the business life-cycle raises a new set of concerns that will call for a different set of skills and legal expertise. Having the right representation can make or break you as an entrepreneur.

Troy & Schwartz is dedicated to helping our business clients protect their interests, grow, and prosper.  This includes advising our business clients about potential loose ends which could negatively impact their business interests and even result in costly legal disputes.

We’re dedicated to tailoring our services to meet each one of your business needs. We help to structure plans and build brands for new business ventures. We counsel clients in risk management and potential workplace liability. We negotiate agreements, draft contracts and resolve disputes between shareholders, employees and vendors alike, as well as assist in acquisitions and franchise expansions. We can be an invaluable asset to your enterprise.

We offer an initial 1 hour  consultation at our office or over the phone free of charge.

The success of your company is our top priority and we know how to help it grow and prosper.

If you are contemplating activities which involve one or more of the above business-related legal areas, we invite you to call us at (305) 279-4740 or, contact us online.

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